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Visit Anderson is a Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB). CVBs were created to help destinations across the country attract more tourism to their communities. We work with residents and visitors alike in many ways to accomplish these goals.

We are funded by the Accommodation Tax, which is collected when someone stays in a hotel or other lodging within the county. The CVB then uses these funds to create brochures, apps, websites, press releases, and more to tell Anderson County’s story – and get us noticed by travelers and those looking to relocate!

CVBs also play a vital role in recruiting events to our area. We are privileged to have hosted large sporting events in recent years, including two Bassmaster fishing competitions and the Dixie Youth Baseball state tournament and World Series. We also help plan meetings and social gatherings, including international conferences, weddings, and family reunions. These events bring many visitors to Anderson County, which in turn helps our county’s economy and ability to grow. More attractions and a stronger economy also help entice new businesses to the area, and we are lucky to have so many international corporations like Michelin, Arthrex, Milliken, and Bosch putting down roots here. Please help us continue to grow and provide a unique, welcoming destination for residents and travelers alike!

What can we help you with?

Event and Meeting Planning: We can help you book venues and hotels, welcome your guests, and provide visitor information to make their experience top-notch.

Media and Marketing: We can help you expand your market as a local business, and help you get noticed on a larger scale.

Product Development: We are the authority on how to help you find your place in the regional and state-wide tourism market.

Knowledgeable Speakers: We are more than happy to attend an event or meeting to discuss the importance of tourism to our community, and how to facilitate its growth.

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