Anderson County SC (April 15, 2021) – Anderson County today announced that employees of Anderson County Public Works Division will begin its annual sign blitz clean-up for removal of illegal signage that encroaches upon any right of way of a street, road, or highway within the unincorporated areas of Anderson County on Earth Day- Thursday April 22, 2021. The removal of signage will also include signs painted on or attached to trees, rocks, natural features, telephone or utility poles, street signs or poles for stoplights.  Anderson County Public Works Division will put together manpower from eight (8) different departments with the task to clean our right or ways using the county’s major grid map.

The purpose of the sign blitz is to:

  1. To protect public safety and welfare to ensure the maintenance of an attractive community.
  2. To minimize the distractions and obstructions of traffic hazards that endanger public safety.
  3. To prevent signs from visual cluttering at intersections.
  4. To protect Economic Development which is a vital part of industrial recruitment for Anderson County.
  5. To protect existing businesses and developments.
  6. To complement the character of the county, while attempting to meet the needs of sign users for adequate identification, communication, and advertising. 

Temporary signs require a permit and must be placed on private property along with a letter of approval from the property owner. Anderson County Code of Ordinance Section 38-255: “A security deposit shall be required for each permit for temporary signs. Deposit shall be returned to the permit holder provided the sign has been removed after the expiration of the thirty-day period or the deposit will be forfeit.”

Minimum setback required: Five (5) feet from any defined right-of-way or property line or fifteen (15) feet from edge of pavement if there is not a defined right-of-way. Applicant is responsible for contacting SCDOT (864) 260-2215 for right-of-way information on all state roads, or the County Roads Department (864) 260-4190 for right-of-way information on all county roads.

A decal will be issued after fees are collected and the application has been approved. Temporary signs duration period is 30 daysIt is the responsibility of the applicant to remove signage within the 30 days’ time span.

Signs painted on or attached to trees, rocks or other natural features, or telephone or utility poles, street signs, or poles for stoplights.

For all other prohibited signage, please use the following link: Sec. 38-254.


Anderson County Code of Ordinance, Chapter 38 can be found on our website at

Permit Application and accompanying information are available for downloading:

*If an illegal sign is removed from the road right-of-way, the sign will be held for five (5) days at 1428 Pearman Dairy Road, Anderson, SC 29625.  Contact: Solid Waste Director Greg Smith | 864.260.1001

Media Contact:         Alesia Hunter, Planning & Development Director 

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