This extension of The Canvas Project will create a lasting, unique piece of art for years to come

Anderson, SC (November 10, 2020) – Anderson Mall has teamed up with Trammell and Mills Law Firm, LLC to work with local artist to add color, texture and vibrancy to outdoor spaces for the community to enjoy as part of The Canvas Project. Anderson Mall has selected Patro Ulmer for this installation. Ulmer is an artist and designer from Orangeburg, SC and is known for his vision and creativity within the community. Ulmer recently created the Butterfly mural located at the main entrance of the Anderson Mall, presented by Chappelear and Associates. Ulmer has also been recognized for other artwork such as his clothing, school murals, and assisted with creating the Mural on Main in Anderson. Known as “the boy that can draw”, Ulmer’s visionary artwork led him to be noticed on national television, in magazines,  blogs, and clothing designs recognized by celebrities’.

“Local artists make our community vibrant,” said Chunsta Miller, General Manager at Anderson Mall. “Their use of subjects, color, texture and composition awaken a sense of curiosity and connection to the world around us. The Canvas Project supports our local arts culture, inspires our youth, all while providing an opportunity for our community to grow together. We will spotlight an artist’s talent with live, in-person and in-progress work on display right outside.” We are proud to have District 5, Westside High School students helping to assist and create the murals at the mall.

Anderson Mall wanted this artwork to be highly visible to the community and guests. Because of that, the murals are planned to go on the main entrance wall facing Clemson Blvd. Anderson Mall sees this as an opportunity to expand the project further by utilizing 28 parking spaces that will house 28 community partners that will showcase their company’s logo and design, and bringing a sense of unity to Anderson. Anderson Mall has worked closely with Ulmer to create a plan for artwork that will inspire the community. The concept represents community, togetherness, and a sense of belonging.

Beginning November 10, 2020 at 2 p.m. Ulmer will be working with the students to install the murals at the mall until completion.

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