Soirée Season & The Spring Jubilee

Spring has sprung and spring means festival season in Anderson County! Two major festivals will take place this April, The Spring Jubilee and the Soirée.

The Soirée was hosted in Downtown Anderson from 1985-2009. The event was well loved by all. In 2022, the Soirée returned to the calendar! The Soirée has always been an arts festival that highlights the best in our area. With local artists, local musical guests and larger musical performers and delectable bites, this event is one you don’t want to miss. Shops and restaurants in Downtown Anderson will be open and ready to welcome you in with open arms.

There will be multiple stages with live performers. Dance teams and regional bands will be on the schedule, as well as a high profile country artist. This two-day event brings the community and visitors together to celebrate the beauty of Downtown Anderson and the longstanding tradition.

Don’t miss out of the Kids Zone with special games to explore with your little ones.

Caroline Gaddis is the chair of the Soirée. She works tirelessly to create a well-rounded event everyone will enjoy. This year the Soirée will be on April 26th 4pm to 8pm and April 27th 10am to 8pm. Admission is free. Learn more about the event here.

Every Spring for the past 4  7 years, Pendleton has hosted the Spring Jubilee. This spring festival is near and dear to the hearts of its guests. The Jubilee is a revered craft fair that features artists of pottery, metals, wood crafting, jewelry and many others. There are over 80 participating artists from all over the country. The artists are carefully chosen each year in order to elevate the quality of the art and provide a unique experience to the Jubilee’s visitors.

New artists come every year as well as returning artists. Rob Gentry, a local master potter, has been an artist at the festival over 40 times! Inviting new artists every year allows the festival to maintain its fresh and relevancy every year.

The Spring Jubilee is for the whole family. Open space on the Village Green is the perfect spot for a family picnic while enjoying the smooth sounds of live music. Food trucks from near and far and local restaurants surrounding the Village Green will be open to satisfy your appetite and enjoy on the lawn. This year there will also be a face painter for the children, or adults, to enjoy!

Jordan Bannister, with Lake Hartwell Country, spearheads the planning and organizing of this massive event. Her planning process is very in depth and tedious work. From coordinating where vendors will be located on site, to choosing artists, inviting musical guests, and getting sponsors to make this event free for the public, the preparations take the majority of the year to arrange. This year the event will be held on April 6th 10am to 6pm and April 7th noon-5pm. Learn more about the Spring Jubilee here.