Stimulate Your Senses in Anderson County

The day ahead is full of one-of-a-kind experiences from start to finish! By the time the sun sets, you’ll have had a chance to engage your senses with beautiful visual art, guided tours full of information from experts, delicious food and drinks, furry friends, and invigorating aromas.

First, arrive at the Anderson County Museum for a guided tour and to explore the newest exhibit, Andersonians in War. This permanent exhibit describes the nation’s wars through the eyes of Anderson County residents who served and who have been impacted by them. While you’re here, take a moment to peruse the names in the Veterans’ Hall, a tribute to those residents who have served our nation.

The next stop is right around the corner from the Museum: it’s the Anderson Arts Center! The large building you see here used to be a freight warehouse for items shipped on the train. You can still see the train tracks in the back of the building. Visit the Arts Center and explore the galleries upstairs and downstairs. Want to take something home with you? Stop by Bay 3 Gallery for a piece of Upstate art! We have incredible artists here in South Carolina!

Ready for a sensory overload (in a good way)? Head back to your car and drive north to Split Creek Goat Farm. Split Creek is nationally recognized for their award-winning goats and cheeses. Learn about the many breeds of goat (and maybe even pet a few), taste-test their cheese and fudge, and explore the gift shop. Make sure you grab some snacks for the road, especially their olive oil-marinated feta: this cheese placed 3rd in the world and 1st in the United States at the World Championships Cheese Contest in 2022!

Lastly, head back to Anderson for an afternoon at the Palmetto Distillery. Palmetto Distillery is the first legal moonshine distillery in the state and features many different flavors for you to taste-test today. Ask staff members for a lesson on how moonshine is made, and make sure you take a chance to shop. While you can’t take their yummy craft cocktails home with you, there are plenty of flavors of ‘shine, whiskey, and “Sippin’ Cream” on the shelves for you to bring back to your home bar.

Between art, goat cheese, and moonshine, your car is probably full to the brim with unique Anderson County souvenirs! We hope you think back on your time with us fondly every time you enjoy them.

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